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Full Version: Component Cables
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I'm getting ready to pull some wires to hook up from my equipment closet to my hdtv in living room and one in bedroom. I could buy a 100ft component cable from monoprice or make my own. Obviously I'll need to run one to each room and one to my projector. What do you guys recommend? If I just buy the cable which one should I get. I don't want to spend a fortune but I do want good quality.
If you're going to make many or either already have the tools, it is more economical to make your own. Use solid copper center conductor dual or quad shielded coax (RG6 or RG59).
Any particular cable you recommend that's not too pricey?
The best all around cable for many a/v uses is Belden 1694a and Canara L-5CFB. There are others that are *technically* better for audio, but unless you plan to make A LOT of cables it's better to get the "all in one".

Belden 1694a was a little more expensive then Canare the last time I checked, but the Canare is a non-standard size and requires specialized tools to work with it. Therefor, Belden 1694a would be your better bet.

Both are RG-6 based, and beat the snot out of your local Home Depot cable. There are several places online to order, such as HAVE and Markertek.

I've gone through over a thousand feet of both, and prefer the Belden. Have made subwoofer cables, analogue and digital audio cables, and component cables.

PS. These are single RG-6 cables. There are other model numbers for bundles (like 3x1694a in one jacket), as well as the "mini-coax" version of each if you prefer those (5x mini-coax in one jacket).