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Full Version: HTD offers new product for whole house audio
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In my quest to find an alternative to Russound/Nuvo systems for whole house audio, and learning others (i.e. Target) are in the same boat as me, I think I may have found a solution.

I was drawn to HTD as a source for quality multi-channel amplifiers in the past, but was dissapointed to find out that the control systems they use are proprietary and have no computer interaction.

However, one of their employees just let me know they have posted details on a new product line they are about to release at the end of February. The most important thing about this new line (for us at least) is that they are offering RS-232 control! and it may just be bi-directional (waiting for confirmation)!

Check out the new line here. Basically, it offers 6 source, 6 zone control (with or without a built in amplifier) for a very attractive prices. Some combo's I was looking at are:

MCA-66 for $699, which includes control and amplification of 6 zones at 20watts per channel. (40 watts per zone)
MC-66 plus MA-1235 for $998, which is control and amplification of 6 zones at 35 watts per channel (70 watts per zone)
MC-66 plus MA-1265 for $1348, which is control and amplification of 6 zones at 65(!) watts per channel (130 watts per zone)

They also will be offering packages of the above with keypads and emitters. I've asked to see about receiving the details of the RS-232 communication in the hopes of creating a driver (never done this before).
Wow, I've got a feeling at that price point these will be very attractive to this crowd especially with the RS232 control.
I am hoping so. The person who deals with the IR/RS-232 contol aspect of it is on vacation until mid-february, but when he returns I should be able to get more details on what is capable. And hopefully the control documentation.

HTD support is very responsive, so I'm crossing my fingers as I think this will be the solution for me (unless I get something like the B&K CT600 for a great price in the meantime)
Looks like it is stereo only, no composite video, and the keypads look extremely basic. I'm not trying to knock it, just pointing out the obvious I guess.

I know the B&K CT series is much more capable than this unit appears to be, but the B&K units would be used for the price of a new HTD unit with the high powered amp (to get it comparable to the B&K). So there is certainly an arguement to buy it new. One day you may be able to buy these HTD units used for much less, but I suspect that will be a long time before there is a steady stream of them available used.
Well, count me among the excited. About the only thing I can think of that lacks in that product is a paging ability. But otherwise, a great price, the keypads are certainly suitable, and 6/6 is just about right for me I think.

If you can write your first driver without having the device onhand to help....then double thumbs up for them having a simple, basic (but hopefully full fledged) protocol! :cool
From what it sounds like, this is the first in a couple new products they will be introducing. They alluded to another new system to be released at the end of 2008 --- which, if I had to guess would be an update to their MC-86 product.

The MC-86 can do paging and doorbell interrupt, so I would image that would be carried over/integrated in the next model.

But I'm glad to see someone like you excited! I see you've created many a drivers, so perhaps maybe you could help me out/contribute if the protocol can do what we need? Or at least help me get started =)
Well, the first step would be....actually acquiring one of these! Honestly, just don't know when that will enter the $$$ equation.... I think my poor Yamaha receiver is going to be stretched to the limit powering zones in our house until I can afford something snappier.

I'm always happy to help others in their driver programming endeavors....or if I can lay my hands on one of these, I'll be happy to crank it out myself and give to the masses freely.
For those of you who can afford but are having trouble justifying it, I purchased a grand concerto for a very good price from Automated Outlet. Certainly much more than 700 mind you, but the keypads is what makes the system. It is so easy to use by everyone, including guests. I really feel the keypads actually make the system, and I have touchscreens in the wall as well but do not use these because of how efficient the nuvo is. Their keypads are amazing!
This is a question from a HA learner in process....What will the RS232 system be able to accomplish that a system without it will not? Thanks.

The keypads of the Grand Concerto do look amazing. But I think I need 12 zones so that is really going to add up??? But maybe worth another look.

I do like their keypads...undoubtedly. But at that cost, I could almost justify putting ELO touchscreens in every room instead! Confusedhock:
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