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Full Version: How to Setup IR
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My Setup:

3 TV's - 1 HDTV and 2 SDTV's

Extron 200 - Distribute Component Video

AutoPatch Half-Y - Distribute Composite Video and Audio

Equipment: 2 Motorola Set Top Boxes

DVD Player



Computer - To Play Ripped Media

So My Question is how to set up IR from The CQC MASTER to the TV's around the house and Equipment right next to the master server, To control both the TV's and the Equipment. I am leaning towards IR becuase of not having RS-232 on my TV's or most of the equipment.

You need an IR blasting product that sends out an IR command after being told to by CQC. I don't have experience with IR blasting, only receiving, but if you check out the supported devices page you'll see a list of them. I know the Global Cache solution is one of them.
The R2DI board might be your best bet. You can use a couple zones inside the closet and send out a couple over an IR distribution system I would assume.