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Full Version: YASTTQ: TT Playmode field
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where does the TT IP driver's playmode field come from? does it get the info from TT or does it create the info itself?

I ask because I was playing with triggers the other day and created a few cool (well they seemed cool to me at least:oops: ) events... one of which is that when TT playmode changes to Paused then wait 2secs then check to see if it is still paused, then ramp up the lights.. that works perfectly fine every time if you use the pause button, but I like to use the "OK" button to toggle between paused and play, but the "OK" button doesn't seem to change the state of playmode? why not?

fwiw: the wait 2 sec and check to see if it is still paused came about for 2 reasons:
1) when you pass TT a playlist TT will claim that it is paused for a sec when jumping to the next item.. created a cool effect with the lights...but it was a bit distracting...
2) with problem #1 combined with the triggers I had set up to Pause/Play TT based on the light switch status I ended up getting stuck in some sort of oscillation/resonant/?? loop... it was extremely cool, the lights would start to ramp up an TT would pause, but by then the lights would be back on their way ramping down, so TT would play, but then the lights were ramping back up again... never ending loop... really, really cool... I highly recommend everyone try that at least once...:-)... but thats not really a very good way to watch a movie...
That info is coming from TT. Remove the driver and connect to TT via Hyperterm and do what you are talking about via the TT interface and see what it sends out.