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Full Version: Play All Button and Windows Media Play Lists
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I'm doing some testing using the Embedded File Tag repository to read in the information from my WMP11 library. So far things are working fine.

I've been able to add a single track and play it back. I haven't tried adding an album but I don't anticipate it being that hard.

Is there a way to add an entire repository to the playlist? I'd like to be able to start the play, select a button and it would start randomly going through all the songs in the repository?

Also, are there any plans to support .wpl files? Windows Playlist files?

There was a thread a while back where I requested .m3u playlist support, Dean said he would add it to the list.

AFAIK theres no direct way to add all albums, but maybe something could be done via a macro and the new Media Render stuff.

Are you files WMA? I am seeing issues where albums are showing up in multiple categories. I am not sure if I jacked up my tags or if it is a CQC/Filetag bug...
YOu wouldn't want to have an add the whole repository to the playlist. This would be hugely inefficient if you have a large repository. It would be way better to just have a 'play randomly from the repository' mode on the player, which is something on the list. So instead of having to use up all the memory to have 10,000 tracks in the player's list (and having to transfer a few MBs of data to every client viewing that playlist every time it changed), it would just grab a few items from the repository randomly to create a small playlist and then grab another one each time the previous one runs out to keep the list filled up some number ahead of playback. That would be far more efficient.
Okay, thanks for the info, looking forward to the random player. But yes, keeping a big list would be a pain.

What about the .wpl support? Can that be an added request for future development as well?
That's already on the list. Or at least the MP3 version of the playlist. If the .wpl is equally simple it could be covered at the same time.