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Full Version: Touchscreen backlight control
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I am considering putting a touchscreen in my bedroom, and I'm wondering if anyone has grappled with the concept of automatic backlight control?

I don't suppose any touchscreens come with ambient light sensors so they can do their own backlight control.

Do most people use autoblank to make the screen go away when not in use? Does the screen blind you if you wake it up in the middle of the night?

When the IV can respond to events I'd like to have messages pop up (and wake up the screen if it was Blanked), but I don't want the light to disturb people in a darkened room.

Thoughts anyone? --Bob

P.S. I have ordered my CQC server computer and I'm buying touchscreen systems now to build a test setup for my new house, so I am still learning how all this works together...
You can use both auto blanking and put a button on the main background interface to manually blank when you want to force it off.
Yes, but can the IV make the screen come back to life? I suppose it is not interesting until the IV can respond to events though.

Also, I assume that it is not possible to programmatically control the brightness of the screen. I liked the idea of a "semi-transparent" overlay, but without a light sensor, it would be difficult to determine when to use it (perhaps when it is nighttime and the room lights are at 50% or less).

Currently, no it cannot come back to life automatically. Though, that's one of the few things that would be fairly safe to do in that realm, since if it's in that mode and needs to be turned back on, obviously no one is interacting with it.