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Full Version: cool ebay AV Matrix switch
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I just found this on ebay, perfect for all your AV switching needs... may be a bit of over kill for most... but it sure is cool looking...:-)
[Image: extronrack.jpg]
disclaimer: I have no relation with the seller... just thought it looked cool... perfect for CQC really...
You would have to add on your house just to use that switch:-)
dirtracinfan Wrote:You would have to add on your house just to use that switch:-)
just one more little sacrifice to make for CQC and this whole automation thing...:cool
Hmmm.. That's a tough decision, new car, or 32x32 matrix switch....
The guy said he'd be willing to split it up - perhaps I'll just buy the power cord :-)
Can't believe it, its been on e-bay for a day, and noone has coughed up $24K. :-)
Actually it has been on for a lot longer than a day. The auction has been relisted several times already. It is quite a system and obviously designed for a major installation, but considering what the individual parts are selling for on E-Bay, the lister is probably about 50-75% over the market.