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Full Version: need advice on whole house audio/video
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Need some advice on my next step. I am looking into whole house audio and video distribution. I am in an older house with a newer in-law apt. and two unfinished basements. I have a guy who will run all the wiring, he installed my elk and is reasonable price-wise. This is what I want to do:

- ripped music library and sirius available in 11 rooms + 1 outside pool house.
- in-ceiling or in-wall speakers would be preferred
- hd cable or hd satellite to 4 hdtv's and cable or satellite to 4 sdtv's.
- 1 or 2 dvr's available to most tv's
- dvd movies available to most tv's

This is what I have:
- CQC (not fully functional yet)
- Elk M1 gold (working)
- 2 Samsung Q1 tablet pc's
- 4 hdtv's
- 4 sdtv's
- 2 old audio receivers with speakers
- CQC server pc
- 2 other pc's
- ps3
- logitech harmony 880 remote

I have been reading through the forums here and at avs and I still do not understand video distribution entirely. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
sorry, been hung over most of the day, feeling slow. Is your question "How does video distro work" or "what equipment should I get" or both?
I am looking for info about both please.
This is my interpretation of audio/video distro. Let me know what I have wrong.

one example if I used russound cav 6.6. I would hook up to cav 6.6 the following. cable or sat hd dvr, a/v receiver with satellite radio, cd changer, dvd changer. Cat 5 would be run from cav 6.6 to keypad and/or to vmr1 receiver in wall to all rooms for both audio and video? I would need to have a pc or media extender at each t.v.? speakers in each room would be wired to keypad?

Or another example. could I use a htpc with cablecard tuner. run sagetv on that and use sagetv hd media extenders at the tv's for video. For audio use a product like Sonos hooked up to htpc. Would video be distributed over cat 5 using sagetv extenders?

Could my touchscreens and pc's with CQC be used to control these examples entirely? Thanks in advance to any who could steer me in the right direction.
I can't really help, other then to say that I wouldn't count on cable card ever working with Sage... well at least not legally... our Benevolent Media Overlords will never allow that... there is no money in it for them...
Ooops, sorry, phased on this thread, got day trips to LA on M/W/F, so life is a little frantic.

The thing to remember about a/v distro is to not confuse the concept of sources (items that produce something you want to watch/listen to) with zones (places you want to do the watching or listening in). It souinds simple, but many folks get them confused b/c a lot of manufacturers get them confused. People talk about multi-zone audio cards like the M-Audio Delta 410 (incl me), when in reality there's no such thing; those cards may have multiple outputs to produce concurrent CD streams, but they're technically multi-source audio cards.

You also have to differentiate between hi-def and low-def. Hi-def requires 3 wires (component), whereas low-def only requires 1 (composite). The CAV can distribute low-def, not hi-def.

Rather than go into much detail now, check out the below pics. See if that helps get you more confused. Note how there's a difference between analog audio (CD/XM) and digital audio/video (component/spdif).

[Image: distro.jpg]

Here's a shot that's a little different
[Image: bauer83.jpg]

I'm off to bed for an early am flight tomorrow, but will be back tomorrow night.
Is autopatch the best/only way to distribute hi-def cable or satellite tv? In the diagram above is the autopatch connected to the nuvo? Sorry if I'm not catching on to this quick enough. What direction should I go in to do the following? if possible.
- ripped music library and sirius available in 11 rooms + 1 outside pool house.
- in-ceiling or in-wall speakers would be preferred
- hd cable or hd satellite to 4 hdtv's and cable or satellite to 4 sdtv's.
- 1 or 2 dvr's available to most tv's
- dvd movies available to most tv's
variety of ways to distribute hi-def, but the pic above was meant to point out that distributing hidef video is different & harder than distributing low-def.

there is no "best way", also mixing HD & SD tends to be problematic. If I were you, i'd keep it simple spend slightly more $$, and just use SageTV for all TV DVR. Use one new SageHD Media Extender ($200)for each HDTV, 1 MVP($100) for each SDTV. That takes care of your TV & ripped DVD "distro", cuz you wouldn't technically be distributing the video - you'd have a dedicated box for each room. They could either sit in the room or centrally.

The next question would be "how do you listen to the audio portion of the TV". You could either listen to it via the TV, which would be the simplest as you'd keep the MVP/Extenders in each room and plug it into the TV, or via the inwall speakers which gets more complex.

Finally, you have the audio distro. Following the "keep it simple" option, use your inwall speakers just for that, get a NuVo or Russound to distribute the CDs.

The big flaw in this approach is that you cannot distribute a DVD megachanger, but that just makes things complex wiring-wise. We can go over that once you understand the above.
Is the sage hd media extender only used for over the air hd? or can it be used with a hd satellite or hd cable set top box. I mostly watch espn, discovery, mojo, food network, and local sports, all in high-def. I don't think these channels are available over the air. I would think a cablecard htpc using sagetv and extenders would be the best option but apparently that won't work. BTW, audio through the tv and not through in-wall speakers is fine.
cablecard doesn't exist.

Dish with the R5000 modified box allows you to record any HD you want. I don't actually have it myself, but am contemplating switching to it.

No can do on the HD cable though - that'll require actually distributing HD video which gets more complex, and not for the faint of heart.
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