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Full Version: Help with IR distribution
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I have been pretty quiet lately (mostly due to Fantasy Football), I have been doing some work on my interfaces. I am to the point where I am ready to start doing some real testing of my stuff and decided to take a look at my IR plans. I may have come to a little mental stumbling block as I am having some trouble putting this altogether.

Here is the setup again. All of my equipment (minus displays of course) will be centrally located in the dedicated theater room. No problems there, I can pretty easily send out IR signals when needed from CQC to that equipment pretty easily.

Now, I will have 9 video zones where I will need some IR distribution. At the very least I need to send IR commands from the CQC server to the displays to turn them on/off, change inputs, etc. The family room gets a little complicated because I will have a display along with a reciever for surround sound. The AVAtrix (see below) only includes one IR cable to send signals back and forth. Is it possible to split that to have one lead go to the display and the other to the receiver?

Ideally, I could use some simple IR remotes (probably Harmony's of some description, or potentially a RF remote from Universal Remote) that could send commands from the zone back up the chain to the source equipment and CQC. That is mainly to try and make it a little simpler without needed a touchpanel at each and every zone.

In addition to all of that, I will be using an AVAtrix setup from Audio Authority to distribute the video all over the house. The AVAtrix sends video/audio/and IR signals across two Cat5e cables to each zone at a special wallplate.

Has anyone done something similar to this? What are my best options in regards to equipment. I was looking at some Xantech stuff, but I couldn't tell if it had an RS232 connection to get that direct link to CQC.


Xantexh does have a RS232 interface, but Dean pointe out to me before that you can use the R2DI card that he has a driver for because it is all analog IR.

I have not looked into it any more than that though.

If you run Cat5 for the IR you should be covered for any type of system.

The R2DI board is a 4 zone PCI IR blaster card. It's voltage output is a little low for the Xantech system, but it's supposed to work.
Saying that, you have a choice to make if you want to use a xantech system. Buy their RS232 interface nad write the driver or suck it and see with the R2DI.

If you go with xantech, let us know what soultion you decide on
Sorry guys, I disappeared again. Caught a nasty flu and did a bunch of work on my current house to get it ready to put up for sale.

Anyhow, I just figured out that the IR path on the Audio Authority AVAtrix appears to be one way only. I think it only will send an IR signal from the zones to the source equipment. I must have overlooked that when planning my system.

The only thing I really need to send an IR signal from the source to the zone would be for power commands to turn the display on/off via the CQC interface. The zone in the family room will have a receiver as well, but I could potentially do a small little client PC to run the interface and issue commands locally for that if I had too.

Any ideas on how to solve this? Is it really that important to send on/off commands to the displays, or should I rely on the old manual finger method (we are only talking about one display, one button in a few zones). I was already hoping to use remotes as much as possible, with maybe Rad I/O's or wall mounted touchpanels in a few locations. The touch panels are really more for house control, lights, HVAC, security, music, etc. The remotes are meeant to be used for TV viewing. Obviously, the remotes could handle any on/off commands locally, and should be able to change channels through the IR path up to the source.

I am using a Channel Plus video distribution system which uses Xantech
2100 wall plates. These have connections for both transmitting and
receiving IR....and they distribute the video around the house by means
of a channel modulator. The one I have modulates video and stereo
audio on 3 UHF channels....not for HD of course.

You will need something for CQS to interface with to send and receive IR.
The USBUirt will do this and is not expensive. It has an aux output for
connecting to external IR blasters and I have 6 parked in front of my
IR controlled equipment.

They do use RG59 to connect the various wallplates from a distribution amp
(DA550) so it is not for cat5....seems to deliver a good picture though.

Info at the channelplus website.

Sorry if this is out of context of what you are trying to do but I am inthe process fo setting up the IR as most of my equipment is not serial controlled.

This is what I did:
A/V equipment has a pc next to it for connections audio player etc....connected a usbuirt and hardwired it to xantech amplified IR I can control 10 devices in that area and send the IR command from any pc in the house. This is what I really needed to connect. I plan on using CQC terminal or clients around the house...but don't forget that the tv in the bedroom can run off a single remote....and besides with my house totally finished...did not see the point of taking the drywall out to run a cable for IR so that I could control the master bedroom tv.

The other advantage of using a usbuirt is that it can be used with a standard remote and ALSO can be controlled by CQC.

The only downside I see is that I cannot get the status of the IR equipment...other than that the a/c equipment can be controlled from any pc/clients in the house. Some folks have connected a OCELOT that loops the command back so that status can be updated....not going to spend another $150 so that I can get the status....manybe one day when I have enough to throw around.

hope this helps....

P.S. USBUIRT has an output jack at the back so you can hardwire it