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Full Version: Wiring for 8870 directly to CQC
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I decided not to hook the 8870 up to the Elk and to instead go directly to CQC. My problem now though is in determining how to wire it up. I do not have the AprilAire protocol adapter and instead got a normal RS232-rS485 adapter. The 8870 has A+/A-/B+/B- terminals on it but my adapter is only labeled for A/B/Gnd/+5V. I hooked it up putting both A- and B- to the GND on the adapter but this does not seem to be working. Any suggestions on how to do this?
Have you looked at the docs for the Aprilaire converter? I'd hope their serial buss is not somehow non-standard and proprietary, but never say never.
I just did a quick search on Live Search and found some info. I'm not too versed on RS_485 but I'm wondering if it may be a case of the 8870 being full-duplex and my adapter only working with half-duplex.
Btw, here's an adapter similar to what i'm using. It says it support full or half duplex so maybe I'm wrong on that theory :
Well, I just gave in and ordered the 8811 protocol adpater from Martin. Sucks that I can't figure out this a stadard converter but at least I can be sure the Aprilaire one will work.