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Full Version: Can I configure Cover Art Browsers to sort by Artist?
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I have the media browser up and running on the iTunes repository. I notice that the albums sort by name of the album - not the artist. I want to sort by artist, instead of the name of the album.

All I have done so far is use the "Auto Generate - Media Browser". I want to do 2 things:

1. Sort album art by name of the artist using the 'Cover Art Browser"

2. Use the Toolbar Widget to pick which Artist(s) show in the Cover Art Browser for the letter I select on the Toolbar Widget.

I have done that on my new Nokia 1024 templates.... I am at work so I can't tell you how it was done but if you download my Nokia 1024 CD catalog you will see how it was done...

I think you do an on load sort by artist and then make buttons to change the sort and with or without text.

hope this helps, Ron
Just put the sort by album thing on the actual template, then when it loads, it will change from album view to artist.
The best thing is to just put two buttons on the screen. One for album, one for artist. They just send a command to the CAB to tell it to sort one way or another. This way you can choose which one you want.


OK. Cool, I just wanted to know if its possible. I need to get back into the button programming mode to figure out how. I guess you're talking about command button widgets with a specific command sequence....

Ill take a look at Rons templates to see how to program it.


I got this working perfectly. Thanks again.
looking for option to sort by genre also. is it as easy as adding a third button for genre?
You only ever see one genre at a time. So it's kind of inherently sorted by genre.
I think maybe he's asking that the entire DB be sorted by Genre....Something like the first 10 albums are Blues, the next 20 Country, the next 8 Folk, etc.

Not sure how useful that would be, but maybe that's what's being asked.
Most things are in more than one genre also, and to be useful it would then have to sub-sort within each genre probably.
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