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Full Version: Noobie question: setting up variables driver
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I know I am missing something fundamental here, but I am trying to import ellisr63's Nokia templates and it calls for several variables drivers in the post on drivers and variables used. I added a few of the variables drivers with the correct monikers, but can not figure out how to put in the fields. In the supported devices page for the variables driver it starts out with an open dialog box with buttons for Edit Fields, Set Value, and Make Default, but I cannot figure out how to get to the dialog box.

I have tried under Administer Server Drivers and Browse driver and fields, configure field events, but don't see how to get to the dialog to add the required fields in the post.

Any leads would be appreciated.
You need to load the client side of the variables driver. Do Administer->Client Drivers (I think that's it.) You'll get an empty list if you have none so far. Select Add and you'll be able to add client side interfaces for any drivers that are loaded into your system and that have client side interfaces. Once you see that, the answer will be obvious.