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Full Version: Quick questions on using CQC Media Repo for DVDs
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My system is file-based on a media server. I've just finished re-ripping all my CDs into the CQC repo in lossless wma format (at more than 400 CDs it's NOT been a small task!) and now I think I've figured out how to "point" the CQC Repo at my existing movie files. However, it seems quite happy just pointing to the directory without referencing the filename. In the case of stored DVDs, the directory ends with VIDEO_TS, but should I also put in the filename? this case VIDEO_TS.IFO?

What if the target file was an avi file, or a mkv? Will this still work? (assuming my player - Theatertek knows what to do with this filetype).

At this stage I'm just putting the movie data into the repository, I haven't built an interface viewer for my movies yet, so knowing this in advance will save me a lot of time later.

as far as VIDEO_TS goes, TT seems happy enough just pointing to the video_ts folder...
as for AVI/MKV I don't know...
Generally you'd point it at a file. If it's a DVD, then the VIDEO_TS.IFO should be the one to point to. But, before you go crazy, make sure that it works for you with the player you are going to use. So do a couple and test it out fully before proceeding.
pretty sure TT works withe either pointing to the video_ts.ifo file or just the video_ts folder... is there really any benefit to pointing to the video_ts.ifo file? (ie do I need to go back and redo my 200+ movies in the repo?)
If it works, then you are OK. The file just is more likely to work with any player you might change to in the future. But you can burn that bridge once you are on it.
Thanks for the answers guys! :-)

Dean, I guess you're right. I should probably build a mock-up viewer interface to test it first.

Next step is to figure out a way of doing just that. With CD's it was pretty easy as Dean's video was thorough in covering how to do it.

Just to make sure I have the method down I guess I should make sure to include a title with multiple collections. If I can get that to work then I should be fine.