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Full Version: Media Repository error
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I have had this setup working great till last night when the power went off. As my server is on another machine from the media respository, when the power came back on. the server did not see the media repository and deleted the driver, uggh. I have corrected this in the past by recreating the driver, removing the widgerts on interfaces that use the repository, add them back again and usually up and running. But not this time.

The Cover Art browser shows the items, when clicked upon the pop up window the Media Repo Text widget will show the correct Title and Description that I passed using a GVar, but upon selecting play, it won't pass onto TheaterTek. Here is the main script:

GlobalVars::SetVariable(GVar:CollectionCookie, %(MediaRTV:ColCookie))
IntfViewer::InvokePopup(Movies_Popup, 100)
If System::Equals(%(GVar:Result), Play)
Devices::WaitDriverReady(Tr_PJ, 8000)
If System::Equals($(Tr_PJ.Power), False)
Devices::FieldWrite(Tr_PJ.Power, True)
Devices::FieldWrite(Tr_Rcvr.MainZonePower, True)
Devices::FieldWrite(Tr_Rcvr.MainZoneFunctionMode, DVD)
Devices::FieldWrite(Tr_Rcvr.MainZoneVolume, -24)
Devices::FieldWrite(MC_TT.PlayMedia, %(MediaRTV:ColCookie))
Devices::FieldWrite(MC_TT.Transport, Pause)
Devices::FieldWrite(VarDriver.Tr_Input, TT)

When I get to the Devices::FieldWrite(MC_TT.PlayMedia, %(MediaRTV:ColCookie)) step I get:

Driver 'Media Repo' does not seem to be loaded at this time

/CQC/CQCServer/Drivers/Media Repo

I have double checked my permissions, the MediaRepo goes to a shared drive and I have no difficulty copying to and from this drive, so I don't THINK it is a permission issue.

I am intrigued by the space character between Media and Repo in the error message. It is not in my driver and none of my Widgets address a media repo with this space character.

I'm using 2.0.14 (I know, I need to update and have plans)

Any suggestions?
Are you sure that the repository is named "Media Repo"? I doubt it is. It won't allow spaces in a driver name anymore. So probably you changed the named to MediaRepo without a space when you reloaded it?
As best I can recall, I have never had the space in the name. The Admin Interface only lists one repo driver now and it does not have the space.
OK, but unless this:

/CQC/CQCServer/Drivers/Media Repo

Is a pasting side effect or typo, it's still referencing the name with a space, so I was just checking.
I did a copy and then paste into this board so not a typo, could be an artifact, but definately not a typo. When I read the error message, the space can be seen prior to the copy and paste.
So something in there is probably using the name Media Repo with a space. Given where it happens, it could only be the repository that the audio player is associated with. Look at the ActiveRepository field in the field browser (of the player.) And see what the current repository is? If it's got a space in it, remove and reinstall the player and make sure to select the right repository driver.