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Full Version: stuck on simple mp3 playback setup
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I think I have done due diligence in reading everything I can and watching the videos but I am still stuck. I am just trying to setup a simple MP3 playback, here's what I've done
- installed iTunes (
- created a simple playlist and exported the library.xml to a known directory (everything is local to the master)
- loaded the CQSL repository (not even sure if this is required or not)
- loaded the iTunes driver and pointed it at the directory that the library.xml is sitting in
- Driver is "waiting for config"

ok, that doesn't sound like much but it has just taken me a long time to get here! What am I missing?
You don't need our repository. You don't need to export the XML file. It's already there. Just point the iTunes repository driver a the XML file that already exists in the iTunes directory.