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Full Version: DirecTV 2.0 Driver Update
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In mid August, DirecTV updated their "Set-Top Box Information for the Installer" document to Rev. 2.1. This is their version of a protocol document. The big change was that they now support the H20 HD receiver with the same commands that all their other receivers support. So now, the new protocol supports the D10, D11, H10, R15, H20 and HR20 receivers. A couple of days ago, DirecTV must have forced a new rev of the firmware down to all the receivers.

The other problem was that myself and a few other users were get a CQC Lost Comm Resource error at the rate of about one every 40 minutes. Looking at the logs, it looked like every so often the receiver would just fail to respond to a command and that resulted in the error. It appears that the new firmware may have fixed that problem. I have been running my 2.0 driver for a few hours now, and have 0 timeouts or lost comm res errors.

In trying to debug the problem earlier, I had changed a few timeouts in the driver. But that never seemed to help the problem. So the current driver may now work without any errors.

Anyone using the driver and getting the "Lost Comm Res" error, could you try it again and let me know if you're still getting the errors. If not, I'll send an updated version to Dean.


I'm on 0x18a software for D* and am still getting the comm errors.

I have been getting the lost comm error on my HR20 as well. What's interesting is that the frequency has been greatly reduced. I used to get about 40 a day. Now I just checked and I had 15 in two days. The other thing that is real interesting is that the H20 receiver is now supported. So I'm using my driver to control two H20's as well. They have been on the driver for 5 days and each one has only one lost comm error. And I think that might have been due to a power failure we had last night. So it's looking like we may have some kind of difference in the way the two different models of receivers behave. I'll keep monitoring it.

I'm getting about 20 errors per hour. It really makes the driver fairly useless because the IV errors when you try to do something when the driver is resetting.
Yea, I'm still getting a bunch on the HR20 but almost none on the H20. Same driver, so something is different about the HR20. I'll look into it and see if I can find anything.
It may just be a slightly longer response time on occasion. But definitely check that it's not periodically sending one too many or too few bytes or something, as it used to in the old protocol.
Not sure what changed other than I rebooted my CQC server, but the driver seems to be working pretty well now. It's been almost 4 hours since the reboot and zero comm errors. I just tried changing channels back and forth for about 10 minutes with no issues.

Thanks for the info. I'll monitor my HR20 and see if anything changes. There is always a possibility that DirecTV sent down a new firmware update that could cause a change. It's frustrating that the H20 is working so well and the HR20 is not. Do you have any other receivers or just the HR20?


I just checked this morning and I had 22 errors during the night over the last 8 hours. I also checked and it's the same software ref as I listed before.
bryanb Wrote:Sparks,

Thanks for the info. I'll monitor my HR20 and see if anything changes.
Any updates...I'm still getting errors. I've had 492 Lost Comm errors in the past 3 days.
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