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Full Version: Lilliput .vs.UMPC
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want to have a wall mounted touch screen in my kitchen area and would prefer the 7 - 8" diagonal size. Since I like how the Nokia 770's work, I would like to stay with the 800 x 480 screens and just have one set of screens for both.

I only have a 20' or so run from the touchscreen to my wiring closet, so I am guessing either would work fine, with the Lilliput being the much cheaper option.

I read the previous threads with the wall mounted options, etc. - Any comments on how they are working out?

Is anyone using a 2nd Video card in a PC to display the Lilliput? This would be my prefered option, if I could run it on the same PC as the CQC server and avod the cost of a UMPC.

I have 3 Cat5e's + a 16/2 for power to touchscreen location, so its really a matter of functionality and money (As always, I guess :-) )

If you won't be using the PC while anyone is using the touch screen, it'll probably be OK. But you don't get separate pointer inputs just because you have two screens, so can't be using both at the same time.
I tried to do something similar by running my Lilliput on my CQC server and in theory it should work fine. My reality is somewhat different. Perhaps mine was due to the ATI graphics card (fairly recent 1800??? or something like that) but I had fits trying to run the Lilliput off the second head output of my dual head card. I had issues with resolution and screen refreshes and just had to give up. I moved the Lilliput to another PC with a Matrox dual head card and it worked much better.

I never tried a second video card so perhaps that is a better way to go. My cable length is about twice yours so I had issues with ghosting on the Lilliput which really destroys the aesthetics. Just be careful how you choose to drive the Lilliput, prepare for some rather odd touchscreen alignment procedures. The Lilliput software looks like it was written as an afterthought and you will need to read through it to find some of the fine adjustments needed to get the screeen aligned properly. Maybe using a second video card will reduce these issues but be careful if you are using and ATI dual head device.

After thinking about this a bit more...

I have XP Pro with XP Umlimited on my CQC Server box and plan on putting it in the wiring closet. I suppose I could RDP whenever I need to access it and just use the primary card in it with the Lilliput. I did pull the trigger and ordered the Lilliput 8" widescreen version.

The one problem I am seeing with the current graphics driver (Intel Integrated Q965) is the display mode supported - It has an 848 x 480 mode, but not 800 x 400. I saw on the forums there are some hacks using the Intel embedded drivers to get this resolution to 800 x 480, but haven't tried it.

When I get the Lilliput I will see if I can get it to work like I want. I may have to go to a different card that supports 800 x 480.
Another thing to look at is the BeTwin software. Do a google on it. It allows you to run multiple real sessions on a single machine, with separate video, keyboard, and mouse/touch inputs.
I bought the 8" 800x480 Lilliput, and as nice as it works once configured, its a true PITA to get it that way because of poor documentation and driver support.

Although that wasn't my biggest problem. It actually was that the 800x480 resolution wasn't supported in the Intel Q965 graphics controller, and after searching a good bit on the net, got a recommendation at to use PowerStrip. Powerstrip allowed me to get it to its native resolution (although it took a good 2 days of figuring it out).

Anyway, I now have my CQC Server set up so that the main VGA out goes to the Lilliput at 800x480, and I can access the computer for admin functions via RDP.