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Full Version: Video Servers
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After seeing indygreg's interfaces and how he integrated a preview video mode I was wondering how well the Axis video server products would work with CQC. I took a quick look at their website and they mention an API and tools for Windows developers to view streams from the video servers. I love the idea of having video in my interfaces like what indygreg has.

I know people already have security cameras working with CQC, but I don't know what methods are currently used to get the video to display in a CQC interface. Are there any advantages to using the Axis APIs and other tools to integrate it into CQC?

I bought a couple of Axis 207 cameras based on recomendations from this forum and they work quite well. I have been able to intergrate them into my web browser on CQC but I'm trying to see If we can get a driver written for this.
If you are interested we can get a couple of folks together and get it on the driver request thread.
i think the api is more for setup and config. i don't know what you would want to adjust on the axis server once it is running but i suppose it is possible that you would want to view the list of users logged on or change the security settings if you were publishing the stream outside your house.

someone on the forum has a 241Q which is the 4 input high bandwidth unit. i forget who but that is what got me looking at them. they are just so darned expensive. that is why i started with an old pc and some webcam software. the problem with that is that i can only get about 4fps. it let me choose between flash, mjpeg and windows media but the only one i could get to work with my feeble web skills was flash. i got wm working but it kept blowing up cqc so i dropped back.

The axis video servers are probably the easiest solution, but as Greg said, they are expensive.

Using an old PC and a video capture card is possible. I use SageTV and there is a built in webserver. In the CQC interface viewer on the client, I embed a web page that brings up a VLC player. This provides video at a full frame rate.

VLC can also be setup as a server, so you don't need sage.
can vlc be setup as a standalone server that streams content from a capture card or do i need other components as well (like a web server)? i looked at it briefly but i was afraid it was a bit too complex to get running. if it works and i can sort it out maybe i could document step by step instructions in a thread for others.


The VLC player should work as a standalone server. I say should, because I haven't actually tried it yet. I'm just using it as a client to playback streamed content. VLC works both as a streamer server and a player.

i just downloaded it and tried it. followed the instructions but no luck yet. i suspect it may need a web server to stream to a web browser. not my forte.

I tried VLC ActiveX on a CQC web widget this weekend. I used the VLC server on the same computer as the CQC Interface Viewer with a Hauppauge PVR capture card as input to the server. I was impressed with the streamed video quality and my 1GHz machine had no issues keeping up with it all. There was about 3-5 second latency between the live signal and the image on the ActiveX control. I didn't try to tweak any parameters to improve the latency or picture quality.