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Full Version: READ ME: The purpose of this section
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This section is intended to serve as a means for tracking new driver development. You cannot start a new thread here without moderator approval (you can post one, but it won't show up until approved.) The purpose is not for this to be a general discussion area per se, but that there be one thread per driver being worked on, and a few stickies for things like people available to write drivers, a master list of links to the threads for drivers in progress and so forth.

Some threads already in progress in other areas will be moved here. Once a driver has been released, it's thread here can be locked and discussion of it can move to the other areas of the forum.
I renamed this section from Beta Driver Development, to just Driver Development, to better reflect what it really is. Some of the stuff here is preliminary work, but lots of the drivers are used by a lot of folks, so I didn't want to scare people off of looking in here for drivers because they thought they were all not fully baked.