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Full Version: Pandora Radio
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If you havent seen this new take on Internet radio, check it out:

I can get the main page with the player on it working in a web widget, but they also off a cut down page player, much more suited to working inside CQC.

The URL of this seems to be:

But when I put that into the web widget I get a different page, which is the same as when I put it into FF.

Anyone web clever enough to see where its going wrong?

I did find the direct link to the swf (flash file) but putting that URL into the web widget brought up the flash player, but it complained of network problems...
Thank you, that works perfectly Smile

I take that back. When I open the link in a browser all is swell.

However, if I use the CQC web widget I get errors:

A runtime error has occured, line 0: object expected
How are you actually using Pandora? I think I'd also like to have it as an available music source.....however, I don't know how I'd do that in my setup. You can't pipe Pandora's output to a specific audio channel like zoomplayer. So it's going to basically play in the "primary" channel of whatever PC it's on, right? That also means that I couldn't even select Pandora to play off a remote touchpad interface, because doing that would cause Pandora to play off the touchpad...not some other PC.
Yep, it is playing on the PC,which outputs to my zones, so its a case of all or nothing.
Dang...I like it, but I'm not going to dedicate a PC to it...and worse, not be able to control it from some other PC.
Now I am confused.
The URL that you use, according to their site, is old. The new one is the one I first started playing with. Although it works entered directly into browser it doesnt seem to work in CQC.

The link to your screenshot isnt working.

Thanks though, I am glad that we can do more with it.
I'm not sure why the screen shot is not there anymore. I guess thats what I get for using free image hosting services. I will take another snap shot if I remember and add it to this thread. I have not use pandora in a while since it is so limited in control.
Well, here's a thought....

could Pandora being played in an Internet Explorer window be controlled by the App Control plugin? If so, then that would allow it to be controlled from a separate interface, and you could play it on whatever PC you want.

Then you could use this to treat it as a separate input, via FM radio. Interesting idea, though you'd still need a single PC's output devoted to this. I have enough spares laying around......but still.

The other options I see is getting one of their $250 squeeze boxes.
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