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Full Version: Need help with controlling an app
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After finding the thread about accessing Homeseer for basic X10, I thought I would try to do it for Active Home.
It has a command line app called x10comm.exe
by entering "x10comm a1 on" it will turn on a light.

I have added a widget, and it says that it has connected correctly.
I have added a button with the value for turning on the light.

When I click the button, on the application server, I get the following error:
An expception occured while starting app for driver

Any ideas what I can check please?

Sorry, it's still early for me, haven't had my coffee yet.

I've never tried this myself, so is this what you're doing?
You added a command button widget, and did an action with:
System.ExecApp.Parameters="a1 on"
no, according to the other thread you do a devices, field write, startwithparms

Am trying you way now....
Oh, that uses the app control module. My post doesn't do that, just does a system exec command. I don't actually know what the benefit of one vs the other would be. Dean - any tips there?
cannt do it your way, as that wants to run the programme local, when I need to run it on the server.
oh right - that's the point of the app control driver. Brain is slowly waking up, sorry about that.

So with the app control, I think you did this but just checking:
did you add a generic app control driver referencing the x10comm program calling it something like myx10commdriver? And it shows up as connected in the app control module? And, that's what you're trying to do a field-write true, with those startwithparms?
Thats right.
And when I press the button i get the error in the apps server window
Bring up the log monitor and do it and see what's showing up in the logs.
Could not start external process: "D:/program files/ home control/x10comm.exe" a7 on

So even though its connected it cannt send it a command.
Is that path right, or is that just a typo? I.e. did it really show / slashes and does it really have a space before home control? There's probably going to be something about the path that's wrong since that's about the only thing that would prevent it from running such a simple program. Or that program requires some environmental setup that's not set from within the app control server's environment or something.
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