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Full Version: Extron Crosspoint 8x4 Matrix Switch with Audio
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I need to raise some cash to pay some bills, so I am just looking to get back what I paid for this a couple of months ago, 315 + Shipping (approx 20 lbs from 89148). I haven't used it yet, but it does power on. Specs can be found at
The serial number is 782236022 E13834

Oh, I remember that auction. Sorry I jacked up what you paid for it. $300 was my limit. The bad news is that I found the same unit w/ a buyit now for $99+shipping a couple days ago.

You must have a better memory than me then, as it was back in Feb when I actually bought this. I had to look at my PayPal history to remember what I paid for it...
Want to hear about 4 or 5 others I was not happy to have lost? In the long run I came out ahead but...
Can you give me some more information about how you used the switch and how much control CQC can have over the switch.
As the initial post says, I haven't used it yet, but it does power on. I am not sure if the existing Extron Driver that I have seen mentioned in the forums would work with this unit or not.