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Full Version: X10 2-way switch/dimmers and keypad for sale
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High quality 2-way X10 switch/dimmers and keypad for sale.

I have three SmartHome SwitchLinc model 2380W (120VAC, 600W load) and one KeypadLinc model 12074WW (8 buttons, 120V, 450W load) for sale. They were used for about a year and then I pulled them out to upgrade. Good condition and working perfectly fine. There is a little red paint on the metal flange of a couple of them, but you don't see it when you put the Decora cover on.

SwitchLincs $25/each and the KeypadLinc for $35. That's less than half of what I paid.

Paypal payment preferred, buyer pays Fedex shipping costs (probably $10 or so).

[Image: x10_1.jpg]
[Image: x10_2.jpg]
[Image: x10_3.jpg]
I'm assuming these all need a neutral?
sweethip Wrote:I'm assuming these all need a neutral?

Correct. I think SH only had a couple of dimmers that didn't need neutrals.
I send you a PM....
These are still available.