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Full Version: CQC Automated Backup Version 1.0
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I have redone version 1 and changed over to VBScript for more features. This script will Stop the CQC Service and backup the CQC directory to a directory in form of a zip file or using Windows native NTBackup with the Host Name, date, time and CQC Version of the backup and then restart the CQC Service.

To use the 7-Zip feature of this script you need a free file archiver installed on the system and can be downloaded at with no command line switches.

To use the WinZip feature of this script you will need the Command Line Add-on a long with WinZip installed on the system and can be downloaded from I have found this to be faster then 7-Zip

The default Backup Path is where the script is located.

Optional Command Switches
  • /m:['7'=7-Zip,'w'=WinZip,'n'=NTBackup] Defaults to /m:7
  • /d:[Destination Path] Defaults to current path
  • /r:[Restart 'y' or 'n'] Defaults to /r:y
  • /s Silent Run
  • /? Switch Options

Error Results
  • 0 = Sucessfull
  • 1 = Unable to stop CQC Service
  • 2 = Backup Failed
  • 3 = Unable to start CQC Service

  • CQCBackup_[HostName]_[Year][Month][Day]_[Hour][Minute][Second]_v[Version]

Current Version 2.0

Version Notes:
1.0 - First Public Release
2.0 - Redone in VBScript, added host name and CQC version to backup file

Why is it that you insist on an account being created to download this little utility that is only suitable for CQC users?

A huge pain in the arse for no reason at all. I hate having to give out my personal details for things like this.

If you want this utility but like your privacy then don't bother going to his store as you need to give him all your details just to download it.