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Full Version: iTunes Library, CQC and J.River/Media Center 11
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As Vivek points out, we could never compete in the high end if we only supported a lossy format. We have to support a lossless format (though with the option of lossy) as our primary storage format, and convert out to other formats from there. Even if the lossless wasn't a requirement for playback, it would sound really bad to store as a lossy format, then convert back to wav in order to convert back to another lossy format for export to some device. Having a lossless storage format makes it possible to export out to various formats (over time, we haven't implemented it yet) and have it sound as good as the target format allows for.
The media repository can rip cds into WMA lossless?
Yeh. Any of the WMA formats are supported, well any that you've installed and that are relevant for stereo PCM formatted data, generally the lossy codec (which offers a number of quality levels) and the lossless one. I figure probably anyone who uses our repository would use WMA lossless, since it's still very small compared to modern disc sizes and it provides maximum quality and lowers the network streaming overhead relative to the raw PCM data considerably and so forth.
So some time very soon we will be able to convert to another format (mp3, aac) using a feature in CQC?
I can't say how soon, but it's definitely in the plans. Hopefully it wouldn't just be to convert, but to upload into a player.
I would love to have control of my purchased iTunes music as well, I have some possibilities through my receiver, pioneer VSX-84 as the driver will control the iPod, but really want to have access to playlists, artwork... and then send to the Slimdevices. day...CQC and iTunes will get together.
Speakin' of which, did you get a chance to try that posted Pioneer driver with it's limited iPod control?
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