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Full Version: Zoom Player Address
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I am trying to set up ZP. But when I install the driver it asks me for the address. In the docs it says to:

"Select the Player Options menu item. The resulting options dialog has two modes, a basic mode and an an advanced mode. So, if the button in the lower left corner says Advanced Mode, click it to enter Advanced mode. Then select Values and Tools in the left hand panel. This will load the values and tools panel, then you can click on the Interfaces tab if it's not the one selected by default. On that tab, there is an 'Enable External TCP Control (port)" option. Enable that option and, if the default port is not the one you want to use, select a new port. Save these changes and exit."

But when I got to entering the TCP Control (port) that option is not there. I looked all over for this with luck. So I was wondering, is this a new version and this option has been moved or removed? Can someone help me find this next step and how do I know the address?
just to make sure....The Address is the IP of the computer ZP is running on. When you create the driver in CQC it will ask for the address which for me was You can enable the port right??

btw, I have two ZPs running on one machine but version 4.51 (I heard version 5 sucks!). I enabled the port on both, left the first one at port #4769 and set the 2nd ZP to port 4770, when installing the driver on CQC The port # is defaulted to 4769 (I changed that to 4770 for the 2nd driver)

clear as mud Big Grin
I'm sorry I was unsure what the address for. That cleared up a lot. But now that I have the drive installed it is displaying in driver state wait for connect. Why would that be?
Is Zoom Player running, and have you enabled the IP control in the ZP settings?
I got ZP connected but I can't get most of the info to display (Artist, Name....)
I can get it to display current time. I can also send commands like Play, Stop, Next song. So i know its working.
How are you starting ZP playing the media?
I"m not quite sure what your asking. I'm starting the media from ZP's play button. I'm not really all setup I'm still bench testing. That's way I'm all over the place.:-)
Do you use CQC to play the media on ZP or are you simply doing all this on ZP.

I dont think you will see anything on the CQC side unless you "Drive" ZP from CQC. Then again, I never even tried to look for anything so I could be completely wrong.
example for DVD

Devices::FieldWrite(Zplayer1.PlayMedia, %(GVar:CurrentColCookie))
To control ZP I do the following.....

Devices::FieldWrite(Zplayer1.Transport, Play)
Devices::FieldWrite(Zplayer1.Transport, Next)
Devices::FieldWrite(Zplayer1.Transport, FF)
....and so on....

Current Cover art

I use media image widget with zplayer1 selected and "curcolcookie" field selected

Current Movie title
I use Dynamic Text widget with zplayer1 selected in the field tab and "CurColName" field selected
Quote:I"m not quite sure what your asking. I'm starting the media from ZP's play button. I'm not really all setup I'm still bench testing. That's way I'm all over the place

As penngray indicates, you aren't going to get any metadata if you just start files playing directly via ZoomPlayer. You associated ZP with a media repository when you installed the ZP CQC driver, and you have to start media playing through CQC so that the ZP driver can go back to the repository and get the data.
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