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Full Version: Elan Z├é┬À630 Series II multi-Room controller
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Can I use CQC with this controller?

I have found a used one that might be a great price.
There isn't currently any Elan driver.

Any thoughts as to when you may have an Elan Z-630 driver available? How about any other Elan Z series items?

To be honest I don't even know what it is :oops: Is it s complex device, a simple device, etc...? If it were something that would really improve our product and wasn't hard to do, I could maybe slip it in. Otherwise, you'll probably have to talk someone else into tackling it because I'm just so overbooked.
Fair enough...I'm in the process of setting up a system which includes Elan Z630's, Z660's and Z880's.

I have a programming resource who is familiar with this. I could likely get this done with some guidance.

Any thoughts?

This is from Elan Home Systems, your competition. :?
Sorry to resurrect this old thread but I'm currently working on getting my Elan stuff integrated with CQC.

I have several Z630 preamps which are all IR controlled. I have a GC-100-12 and the IR codes (in GC format) which do work with CQC. The primary problem, according to the GC support folks, is the IR signal needs to have voltage from a distribution block to work. Sooo.....

GC100 > GC to Xantech adapter > Xantech block > Elan Z630

My question is since the Global Cache IR driver designates a separate zone for each code do I need an adapter and a block for EACH Elan zone I want to control?

Using CQC, the IR codes will cause the GC100 to activate but each command is pointed to a specific zone - sample Zone 1 ON button -
Devices::FieldWrite(GC100.Invoke, Elan630.Zone On:1)
This button triggers port 1 on the GC100 to send a signal. The zone 2 code has a ":2" at the end and thus triggers port 2 to send a signal, etc.

Is there a way to avoid buying 6 (or more) adapters and distribution blocks one for each zone to make this work?
Hey Keith. Know that this thread is old, but maybe you found a solution to the X630 needing one IR-in -pr. Zone.

Did you end up using a bunch of Adapters and distr.units?

I have 2 Z630 that I want to control from something else than the local panels and A pronto. And controll the hole house without the need to adress the local ir-receiver that I allready have in each room.


GC100 > GC to Xantech adapter > Xantech block > Elan Z630

To be honest with you I have essentially abandoned the Elan equipment. I still use a couple amps but I couldn't get the Z630's to cooperate as expected. At one point I even set up a test rig with a couple Z630's and amps/speakers and keypads but I couldn't get consistent results. I could have had wiring issues, programming issue or something else I really don't know.

As near as I can tell, GC100 > GC to Xantech adapter > Xantech block > Elan Z630 is correct for each zone requiring CQC control. I could not find a way to allow multi-zone control using a single adapter.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.