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Full Version: March CQC User Group Meeting: 3/31, 8:30am PST
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Continuing the standard of the last Saturday of the month early am, next CQC User Group is 3/31, 8:30am.

Please reply here if interested in attending.

Agenda is as always:

8:30- 9:00am: CQC Overview for the newbies
9:00-10:30am: Advanced topics as requested (ie, webserver)
grr ... i missed the last one. i keep thinking the last sunday, not saturday. ill be at the march webex. id like to take a look over:

axis camera integration into IV
web server

i tried and tried to get the web server running with no luck. ill rely on your expertise on that one IVB. Smile
I might be able to do one sooner, if there's enough folks interested. What are you looking to do on that webserver?
once the security and lighting is all setup I would like to use the webserver for general status info. doors and windows open or closed, security armed/disarmed, what RFID tags are home, zones on, lights on, etc. so if we leave and forget something a quick check of the webpage will confirm whether we did something wrong. if it starts raining, check the house to make sure all windows are closed. etc.

if theres enough interest for one a tad sooner, im in. Smile
I'm really interested in the web server but I don't want a display only. I have several things but the first is being able to control my lighting while I'm out of the house. I'm in Atlanta for the weekend so I may play with this to see if I can get my lighting to work the way I'd like. I'd like to be able to inspect and correct things (and I'd like the ability to make the house look lived in with more random patterns than I have time to think of in the scheduling of events).

Squintz is the resident expert on how to make the webserver bidirectional, but fair warning: That requires CML coding. Display only is mind-numbingly simple, but I'll create a seperate thread for that.
I'm interested!

this webex on the 31 is going to be covering some more advanced topics?
If we can cover the Nx-8e that would be awesome. I am really examining purchasing one of these, but hav eheard they just are not easy to work with.
It's the standard meeting, so first 30 minutes on intro stuff, 9:00am on for advanced stuff. We can cover whatever y'all want to cover. If we've got an NX-8e guy showing up, that's cool.

Any thoughts?
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