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Full Version: Which CQC apps for which machine?
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On my new CQC Master Server, I've installed ALL of the CQC apps. However, I have another couple of machines and I'm wondering which apps to install.

1) My player PC. This PC will be solely responsible for playing back movies, TV episodes & music via Theatertek and Zoomplayer. All movies, music etc will reside on a separate media server. The player PC will not have any hardware that needs to be controlled attached (all hardware - USB-UIRT plus all RS232 devices will be connected directly to the CQC Master Server).

From looking at the instructions I'm guessing I need to install the Application Control and maybe the Client Tools modules. Does this sound right?

2) My main home workhorse PC. This PC isn't the CQC Master Server, but it's probably the machine I'll be doing most of my CQC work on - ripping music, designing the IV screens & templates etc.

I'm guessing on this machine I will need to have the Client Tools module installed, but are there any others?

I know this is a noob question, and the instructions do cover this off....kind of. I just wanted to make sure.
Would you be editing any interfaces on the player PC? If not, all you need is the IV, the app-control is useful but not mandatory. If so, install the Interface Editor too.

For the workhorse, may as well install everything including a server. Better to have it there and not need it. Doesn't hurt.
Generally the deal is:

1. Master Server on one machine
2. If you want to do any maintence on other machines, install the clients tools you want there
3. If you want to control devices on other machines, install CQCServer there.
4. And you can install the Web Server on multiple machines if you want to, but usually one is enough and the MS is usually fine.
5. You can install the XML Gateway Server on multiple machines if you want to, but there again, usually the MS is fine.

For #4 and #5 you'd primarily not install them on the MS for load balancing perhaps, or because there are files on a particular machine that you want to get to via the web. Or, in either case, you might install them on a DMZ'd box that's outside of the internal network to act as safe ways into the system when you are on the road.