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Full Version: Artist sort question
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Is there a way to sort the albums by artist in 2.0 if I'm still using the JRMC driver and not the Media Repository? I've got IVB's templates temporarily rigged up until I get the Nuvo, at which point I'll start building my own templates. I've searched a few times but can't seem to find out how to do it.
You can use the on load command to sort by artist. Use the template that has your CAB and make sure you give the CAB a name. Right click on a blank portion of the screen and select attributes. Bring up the action editor and pick the name of your cab. You will then have a choice of sorting by artist, year or title when the template loads. Hope this helps.
By Artist is also one of the genres.
Ok, stupid question from a newbie - what's the CAB?
IVB Wrote:By Artist is also one of the genres.

I did something by accident to blow out the genres and don't know where to access the samplecoverartbrowser.
wolverines Wrote:Ok, stupid question from a newbie - what's the CAB?

CAB = Cover Art Browser
Well, that was much easier than I thought it would be. That usually seems to be the case with CQC for me. Just don't know where to look, but once I do it's pretty straight forward. I've got some issues with artists names changing to "various" but I don't care right now. This isn't my future design anyway. This is the temporary rigging until the future arrives.

Generally you don't want to just do a fixed OnLoad command to sort by artist. You will probaby want to put buttons on the media browsing overlay that send sort order commands so that the user can select by artist or by title sorting.

There isn't a By Artist category anymore. You just use the sort order commands, which will allow you to sort any category you are currently viewing.

Quote:I've got some issues with artists names changing to "various" but I don't care right now.

If all of the artists for a given CD aren't the same, it defaults to Various Artists as the artist name at the collection level. Each item has it's own item specific artist name.
I was thinking about this various artist thing, as also I posted about.
Would it not be possible to have a third option in the CAB, album, artist, various artist.

As more and more people start sorting this way I recon more will want this.
I'm not totally sure what you mean there. All collections with the collection level name Various Artists will sort to the same place, under the V's.
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