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Full Version: Official 6.x Beta Release Thread
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This thread is not for discussion, so please don't post here. It is for official 6.x beta release information. There is a separate sticky thread for discussion.

6.x is now open source. To get to the 6.x version you may have to make a couple intermediate steps. If you are pre-5.9.14 you'll have to go to that first. Then you have to go to 5.4.917. After that you can move forward to 6.x. The intermediate steps are necessary to remove the licensing stuff and then move data around and implement some new security stuff.

On the latter topic, the installer will now show a new page when you install which tells you about thew new security concerns. Don't ignore it.


Latest Version: 6.0.1
Confidence Level: 95

Download Link:

The subsequent posts list changes in each beta version...
Not a beta, but I have a 6.0.1 now if you guys want to give it a shot. It fixes a few things. If you were sticking to 5.4.917 because of the logic server config upgrade issue it should take care of that.

Includes an RCS thermo fix and it now lets you select which web server connection (on the MS web server) to use for help access. Some folks have both configured and it used to select the secure one by default if it's configured. But some folks use that for incoming connection from the outside.

If it seems happy I'll make it the new current release.
And there's a 6.0.2 now. It fixes the issue with a too small limit on the size of CML macro the CML IDE can load. And it fixes an issue with the action trace window not showing up. It was there but not being made visible.