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Full Version: any support for TP Link Kasa natively or third party int?
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Hi Guys.

I'm new to this platform, but been around home automation for years. I currently have a hubitat and a control4 system that I play around with. I really like the UI and built in support for things like multi room audio (which seems to lack on other platforms like hubitat, smartthings etc). 

The only thing stopping me from going with CQC is if I can't support my lights. I currently have a bunch of Kasa switches and Dimmers. Id like to at least be able to add some basic controls for when I do all off commands etc, but for the most part I can get away with Alexa integration as I use that currently to control my switches most.

Any ideas if it's doable or even from a third party integration such as homebridge running on a Pi?
If your lights have an API then CQC can control it after a driver is written.