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Full Version: SetTimeout and Template
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Hi there. I am trying to find out what the SetTimeout is not working in an overlay that I have in my templates. In the OnPreload section I set the timeout with SetTimeout(3, True) and in the Timeout section, I have some actions.

SetTimeout is never executed from my overlay.

I am not trying to execute this from the Overlay widget but from the template that is loaded into the Overlay widget.
It only works on the actual loaded template itself (well the top-most one, if there's a popup up, then it's timeout will be done, so the base template in each layer.) When a template it loaded into an overlay those are dropped because it's not loaded as a template itself.
Thanks if it does not work then I would think the option should not be available, no?
There's no way to know if you will load a template into an overlay or load it directly. Some might even be used in both contexts potentially.