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Full Version: CML Macros - Replacing Quotes
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Trying to find out why I cannot replace a quote using ReplaceChar in a CML Driver using ReplaceChar.

I have a String

+CMGL: 1,"REC UNREAD","+11231231234","","21/02/11,15:18:09-20"

And I am trying to replace the quotes with blanks

tempString.ReplaceChar('"', '');

I receive an error

A badly formed character literal value was seen

This same driver (SMS) does the same thing with no error:

I took a different route using ParseQuotedCommaList that worked just fine.
The empty character isn't a valid character. If you want to replace with nothing, it has to be with a string, so you'd need to do a substring type replacement of "\"" with "". Not the escapement character to create a quoted string with a quote in it.