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Full Version: RadioRA2 vs CQC for Lighting Scenes
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Am torn between CQC and my RadioRA2 installation for control of lighting scenes. I have a way to create/edit scenes in CQC (Variables driver and IV screens), but find RadioRA2 to be more elegant when a scene executes. RadioRA2 can also "remember" the state of a scene in the event of a power outage such that when power is regained, it knows if the scene was run or what portion of it ran successfully.
For instance, when I push the All On button on one of my RA2 keypads, every light that I programmed in RA2 software comes on at the same time. In CQC, it is sequential (i.e., one after the other). So, if you have 20 lights coming on, it will be one after the other.
As a rule, if the hardware can do scenes, do it that way. All CQC can do is send out individual light commands generally, whereas most of the time the hardware itself can send out a single multi-cast msg that all of the grouped lights will respond to at once. So the automation system can seldom compete on the scenes front with the hardware.

Just trigger the scenes from CQC.