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Full Version: ISO Global Cache gc-100
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Looks like I may have to go the route of a global cache in order to control my new Samsung tv. Looking on ebay there are some used ones for $20 to 50, but then I thought I should post here first to see if anyone has one laying around they might let go of for a reasonable price.

If you are going the GC-100 route, I would recommend buying a used one off of eBay and then sending it to Global Cache for updating ($70 which includes return shipping). Most of the GC-100's on eBay are old. While some are "new in box" they are running 15 year old firmware. The GC-100's cannot be upgraded in the field and have to be sent to Global Cache.

I recently purchased a GC-100-18R which was on 2.2-12 firmware (15 years old). Even with the eBay purchase plus the upgrade cost from Global Cache, it was still less than a brand new one from Global Cache.

The iTach FLEX, can be upgraded in the field.
Thanks for the info. I did not know that.
my pleasure. Any other questions, please let me know. Happy to help out.