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Full Version: Elk Version Support Issue
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Remember a while back we had the issue of the Elk driver not updating the Counter fields.  You were only doing it if the Elk software version was beyond a specific number.  You fixed that by supporting versions further back.  Well, you didn't carry that patch over to 5.4, so I'm having the issue again.
Hmmm... OK, I'll check that. I don't think I would have removed it, but anything is possible.
You sent me a working driver version 6/19/2019. Not sure you incorporated the changes into the official driver Smile Thread was "Elk Counter Update".
What version did we go back to in the other version?
Something prior to 5.2.10
It looks like it's currently checking for either 5.3 or beyond, or a version of 4.x that is 4.1.11 or beyond. What version are you running currently? If it supports counters, then presumably we can take either the 5.x or 4.x version downwards to that.
I'm running 5.2.10. So setting a lower limit of 5.2 would work.
Any luck yet?
The lower limit is already 5.2.0. So presumably I still do have that fix in place. Are you sure you are loading the shipped one? Right click on it in the browser tree and look the driver info and let's see what it says. Make sure it's pointing into the system are for the server side CML path.
Any way to attach a jpg here?
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