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Full Version: Dynamic Overlay Question
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I make extensive use of dynamic overlays because I think it is a great feature but I’m having a behavior that I don’t know if it is by design or a bug.
I have a template with two overlays on it. Overlay A and overlay B.
Overlay A is loaded with a template that contains a group of command buttons. Each command button loads a global variable and then does a IntfViewer::LoadAncestor(../Main, GrandParent). It works great. It calls my “Main” Template which then loads an overlay with whatever was named in the global variable. Works great. Still with relative addressing.
Overlay B is loaded with a template that has a Dynamic Overlay in it. In the Layout template for the dynamic overlay there’s just a command button. It loads a global variable and tries to do the a IntfViewer::LoadAncestor(../Main, GrandParent) but nothing happens. The command button action is executed because I have a log statement in it and it gets logged. I’ve tried GreatGrantParent and Root in addition to the GrandParent but the result is exactly the same. Nothing is loaded. If I replace the a IntfViewer::LoadAncestor(../Main, GrandParent) with a IntfViewer::LoadNewTemplate(/User/Home/Master/Main) it works but I’ve lost the relative addressing.
Is the above behavior by design or a bug?
There may be something about it being loaded from a layout template via the dynamic overlay stuff. Some things get done when a template is loaded into an overlay to swizzle things around. In this case, it's not being loaded in the normal sense, the widgets are just being copied and updated one at a time, repeatedly. So something may not be getting done.
Dean, is this something you think you can address? I understand that dynamic overlays are different but they are also very powerful and it would be a great thing if they worked like regular overlays.
I can take a look at it and see. Maybe it's just a matter of invoking the swizzling step after replicating all the widgets.
If it's also possible maybe an Onload action could be enabled.