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Full Version: SetOpacity
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Trying to learn more about SetOpacity for Widgets as the documentation is missing a description of one of the parameters, "To Set".
If the widget user images, this will adjust the overall opacity of the image. It already can have some opacity set on it by default when you select it (using the opacity slider), but this lets you change it on the fly if you want. For instance, you might make it more transparent to indicate a disabled state or some such thing. 0 is fully transparent (you won't see it) and 255 is fully opaque. It doesn't do anything for the background of the widget or anything, just the images.
So, again, what does "To Set" -- a required parameter -- do and what do you actually set it to? In this screenshot, LightsOn is the name of a widget associated with a field check box.

I have no idea what "To Set" means and cannot find it in the documentation for the SetOpacity command.

[Image: Capture1.jpg]

[Image: Capture.jpg]
Oh, that's the name of the image to set. If you click the Images ... option in the attribute editor and bring up the image selection dialog for a multi-image object, you will see that each image has a name. Use the name of the one you want to affect.
Thanks. Not sure if we can add that to the JIRA for documentation Smile