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Full Version: Problem with Accesssing Variables Driver Client Interface
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When I try to access the Client Interface of the CQC Variables driver I get the message: "The latest driver manifest could not be downloaded"  Make=Charmed Quark, Model=VarDriver

I cycled the CQC Application Shell on the server and the message was still there.  I have 3 Variables drivers, and all give the same error.  All seem to be working fine and I can access the main interface, just can't access the client driver interface.
I figured out the problem, self induced, but it did bring up a question.  In my effort to make sure my folders were nice and tidy, I moved all of the manifest files located in "C:\Program Files\CQC\CQCData\DataServer\Manifests" to "C:\Program Files\CQC\CQCData\DataServer\Manifests\System", figuring that was where they were intended to be since the user manifests are located in \User, and there was nothing in \System -> plus my CQC version has been upgraded since Version 2.1, and figured you had changed where you wanted System files to be located.

I moved them back, and all appears to be well.  Is that where the System Manifests should be?

Guess I shoulda left sleeping dog lie :-)
Moving things around in the file system is a bad idea Smile
They should actually be in System, and I'll look at that. But definitely don't move things around manually.
Oh, wait, that's not true. Manifests are not stored hierarchically. So they've never been changed from how they are now back all the way to dot naught. So they aren't in the usual System/User sub-directories. They could be, but there's been no burning need to change the original scheme for those.
Thanks, I thought it wouldn't be an issue, and the only reason I did was because several times when using the CML Test Harness, I would inadvertently select a manifest from there as they would display first when drilling down the folders, when in fact I needed to drill down deeper to get to the manifest I wanted in \User.