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Full Version: CIDLib_RefVector.hpp.470, Failed/Bad Parms
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I get the following error anytime I resize the canvas from the AI for customizing interfaces.  I have recreated the error directly from the master CQC server with everything running local and from running the AI from a remote Slave. 

All systems master/slave are stand alone PC's there are no virtual machines involved in my setup.

Systems are the same except hardware:

Windows 10 Pro with Latest Updates

01/12 19:15:59-fractal, CQCAdmin, MainThread
    CIDLib, CIDLib_RefVector.hpp.470, Failed/Bad Parms, Error: 2/0/0
    4294967295 is not a valid index for the TRefVector<TElem,TIndex> object. Count=0
      <CQCAdmin> CQCIntfEd_Tools2.cpp - 302

01/12 19:15:59-fractal, CQCAdmin, MainThread
    CQCIntfEd, CQCIntfEd_Tools2.cpp.321, Failed/Unknown
    An exception occurred while processing an IEd Pub/Sub update msg
    Type=6, Indices=4294967295/4294967295, Count=0
It's probably something introduced in all these core changes I'm making as I move towards the Linux stuff. I really am struggling trying to do that and to take care of various small things you are asking for because I have to stop and do a bunch of testing to try to get it stable again, which is really time consuming and for not much new stuff. And I'm probably not finding all the issues each time.