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Full Version: Set value via HTTP Call
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I've tried searching and I find nothing.  I'm looking to see if there's a existing way to update/change a device value or variable via a HTTP call?

Example use:

I run Xeoma for my cameras and it sends a HTTP call to a variable for motion detection On/Off.  This works great with my ISY and variables.  I want to transition this directly to CQC if possible.

Blue Iris has the same functionality of using HTTP or MQTT.  I'd rather not have to switch to Blue Iris to use MQTT only because BI is far more resource intensive than Xeoma which I run in a docker container on my UnRAID server already.
Look at the "HTTP-Based Trigger Driver". You can configure it to be connected to and accept HTTP calls. Though, it isn't going to allow you to do fancy parsing of content. It's mostly only useful if the URL itself (and the query parameters of it) have the information you need. It's treated like any other IR/trigger device so you can configure actions to run in response to URLs. query parameters show up as parameters to the action so you can react to those.
Found it. I don't need fancy for the Xeoma integration just ability for basic GET requests and set a bool value is all.