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Full Version: My latest work in progress templates
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This is my main template with the AVP overlay selected. It shows what mode my audio is in (stereo, 5.1, 7.1, and Heights). I am doing this so I can see what amp channels are turned on or off at a glance. We are trying to conserve electricity so my amps are all turned on via Insteon outdoor outlets (1 for each desired group). We are using Insteon Outlets like this...

Stereo = left and right
5.1= left and right surrounds, center channel, and sub
7.1= left and right rear surrounds.
Heights= 4 height channels for now

If we are listening to something in stereo, and want to listen to 5.1 CQC checks to see that stereo is on and then turns on the rest of the remaining channels. If we are done we just hit the 5.1 button, and it will turn off all channels
Turning off the channels turns off all the channels. If you are listening to 5 channels and want just hit stereo, and all the unneeded channels are turned off..

The 2nd screenshot is my Dune HD screen.Thanks to Dean I now have a Dune  HD Pro Control only Driver.

Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.

I will post more screen shots as i progress, and as always i will offer the templates to anyone who wants them.