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Full Version: Triggered Event on Timer Question
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I need help on a timer and a triggered event.

I have the run time driver installed and a triggered event on two fields.  <name>_RuntTimeElapse and <name>_TimeSince LastRan, with  the trigger set as follows

"Send a trigger if the Expression is True"

Its the last field that I cant work out and the doc's are no help.

I have tried the last two and both have the same result.

If the timer is running and is then reset, a triggered event is sent, even when the time is less than the defined value.

The first option unlatched should send a trigger every time the value changes when GT the trip point.

How do I set up a trigger for when the time exceeds the nominated value?
Just to elaborate, it does trigger when the time exceeds the value, but it also triggers when the time is reset and has not exceeded the trigger time. - So it works but has an issue on a normal reset
Hmm... sounds like it could be a bug maybe. It obviously should be latching. But it should be one way latching. Two way latching will trigger if it changes state in either direction. One way latching should only trigger when the expression goes false to true.
Yeah, it feels like there is a bug there
What version are you on? So far I've not reproduced this. There was a lot of work put into this latching stuff a while back. I'm guessing you are on a version past that, but just in case... And by reset I assume you mean writing to the RunTimerX_Reset field, right?
I'm on version 5.3.956

By reset I mean the value is returning back to zero by what ever method. I think when the input goes high it resets the timer and times from 0 (i.e. not accumulative)
There are shortcomings with the latching back that been reworked since then. So there's a good chance that's the issue. Most of these improvements were done in 5.4 which introduced bidirectional latching. At that point, I and someone else dug pretty heavily into this and got it really well worked out.
OK, I'll put some time aside to do an upgrade and re-test.