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Full Version: Blake's CQC Setup
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After 12 years using CQC, and I can't say how many times I have been helped by many of the current and former users along with Dean (a ton), I decided to show my updated interfaces, and for a good smile, you can always go back and look at my old ones here ->

Anyway, I am up to 38 device drivers, although several are duplicates - I have 3 variable drivers, 4 global cache drivers, 2 B&K CT Drivers, and 3 DirecTV drivers.

Automation wise, I am able to:
  • View the weather, radar, cameras, local traffic, historical graphs, Caller ID, and 4 Google Calendars.
  • Control music, TV, home theater, lighting, HVAC, and irrigation.
  • Store data on inside and outside temperatures, energy usage, and run times for heating and cooling.
  • View the IV on a touchscreen in the kitchen area, along with a Windows Tablet in a docking station in the family room.  Both my wife and I have the ability to access the same IV through our phones using WebRiva, and can access from anywhere with an internet connection on a secured port.
  • Control about 90% of it through voice commands using the 4 Echo's in the house.
Scheduled events include:
  • Decorative and Landscape Lighting throughout the day and night.
  • A morning announcement over the whole house audio system of today's current weather and forecast along with any events on the calendar.
Triggered events include:
  • text displays on a Beta sign in the garage that will show the current forecast, but also show when the security alarm is armed, along with a countdown on how long you have to open or close the garage door.
  • Detection of HVAC start and stop times to store for historical graphs.
  • Outside motion detection of the front entry area and the driveway, with the ability to turn on 4 TV's and display the video stream.
  • An Email is sent on Alarm setting, disarming, and other alarm events.
  • Control of Wiring Closet fans based on temperatures in the room.
Right now I have 8 devices controlled via serial connection, the rest via ethernet.

Hardware used:  Elk M1, BetaBrite Sign, 2 B&K CT600's, 3 DirecTV boxes, 2 RCS Thermostats, Everplex QuadCam Modulator, Rain8 Irrigation controller, Jandy pool controller, Sonos ZP90, and Samsung TV.  I control another two LG TV's, a Vizio TV, and a Sony 5.1 Home theatre system through the Global Cache devices.

As far as the interface work - I figured out very quickly that I was not very good at it.  I eventually went with a simpler design with square beveled boxes displaying the data.  For the most part, I tried to reuse the look as much as possible, and copy as much as possible from other users that have showed their interfaces.  All of the graphics were either from the system images or built using PhotoShop Elements.  I have seen some impressive applications of the powerful IE with CQC, but unfortunately I just tried to get it displayed and look somewhat consistent.

I still have 3 panels (DirecTV, Security, and Irrigation) that are kind of a kludge of what I want to do, but not consistent, so maybe I will get a chance to update and display those down the road. 

Overall, I am very happy with CQC, the support, and the endless possibilities that it provides.  I have seen quite a few people come and go on this forum, but still believe CQC is about as good as it gets for home automation if you are a DIYer.
Main Screen and Alternate Main Screen
[Image: MainScreen.jpg]
[Image: MainScreenAlt.jpg]
Weather and Radar Screens
[Image: Weather.jpg]
[Image: Radar.jpg]
Pool and Cams
[Image: Pool_1.jpg]
[Image: Cams_1.jpg]
Music Screens
[Image: Music1.jpg]
[Image: MusicLibrary.jpg]
[Image: Music-NowPlaying.jpg]
Music Zones and Sources
[Image: MusicZones_1.jpg]
[Image: MusicSources.jpg]
[Image: Graphs%20-%20Temp.jpg]
[Image: Graphs%20-%20Energy.jpg]
HVAC and Lighting
[Image: HVAC.jpg]
[Image: Lighting.jpg]
Traffic, Backgrounds, and Caller ID
[Image: Traffic.jpg]
[Image: Backgrounds.jpg]
[Image: CallerID.jpg]
That's a whole buncha UI there, dude.
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