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Full Version: E-Mail stopped working ... but then fixed
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Its been working great for years using SMTP and port 587, but now I get this error:

10/31 13:37:24-HARTFORD, CQCAdmin, StdCmdEngineThr1
    CIDNet, CIDNet_SMTPClient.cpp.845, Failed/Unknown, Error: 5112/0/0
    Got an unknown response to the authentication process (500 - command unrecognized)
      <CQCAdmin> CIDNet_SMTPClient.cpp - 733

I changed the e-mail setup to use SMTP (Secure) and the SMTPS port 465 and I get this message:
10/31 13:42:36-HARTFORD, CQCAdmin, StdCmdEngineThr2
    CIDSock, CIDSock_StreamSocket.cpp.433, Failed/Not All Data Read, Error: 5014/0/0
    Could not read or write all requested bytes
      <CQCAdmin> CIDNet_SMTPClient.cpp - 733

So I said why not try all combinations and sent plain SMTP over the secure port

Then I tried SMTP (Secure) over the standard port 587.

Okay, I guess my ISP (XFinity) changed their e-mail requirements.

Hopefully this post will save the next guy some frustration...  -- Bob