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Full Version: Template scaling
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I have searched but cannot find what I need. I have a new tablet and want to use with my existing setup. Where is the documentation on scaling templates to use a different size screen?
When scaling does it scale the template and all the widgets associated with that template?
It scales the templates and creates new versions of any images referenced and updates the templates to point to those images. Before you do it, make sure you are using relative paths for all of the templates or it won't work right.

Any stuff related to how you use the programs is in the Tools section of the help. It's in the File menu of the Admin Intf. So it would be Tools -> Admin Intf -> File Menu -> Template Scaling.
Thanks for the directions. The link for more info on relative paths in the help file doesn't take me anywhere. This one:

There is more information about relative paths here.
What section are you in when you see that link?
From the Help/Docs Section: