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Full Version: Beware of Latest Windows 10 Update
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I updated my CQC Server using the 2019-08 Cumulative Update (KB4512941) and it sent my CPU usage out of control.  Didn't realize there was a problem initially and figured my old server was on it's last leg, but found several articles discussing it.  I have since rolled back the update and all is working fine.

I would stay away from this one until they fix it (Mid September is their estimate)
I use this and completely disabled any and all Windows updates on all of my Windows systems.

Microsoft does not seem to understand that users may not want to have updates applied to their systems.
At least on my system Cortana appears to be the resource hog at around 35%. MS appears to have disabled the off switch in the group policy edited as it starts anyway. Kill the process and it restarts. Annoying. I'd killed Cortana in the prior version.

What does it take to convince MS that a PC OS is desired, not a clone of my freaking iPhone? Looks like I'll be trying Shutup10.
Unfortunately, the world is pushing MS in this direction. They can't compete selling an actual OS anymore, because Google and their ilk have changed the landscape. I think MS is moving towards not selling software at all, but being a services company. It sucks in a large way but I don't see how they can avoid it. Once Google proved it was a lot more lucrative to sell your users as a product, instead of selling your users a product, it's been downhill ever since. We won't own our OS or our programs. We'll have come full circle back to the mainframe that we can never see in person.
Wonder how many will abandon MS for Linux as a result.
They did issue a fix for the problem today, and I went ahead and installed it  - so far all good.  I took a look at the shutup10 - allot of reviews said to avoid as it may cause more issues, so I am still on the fence on that one for now.
I'm really getting tired of this crap. Yes, I am ok with not having updates installed. My system is safe and secure behind a firewall. And the system is never used for going on to the Internet. 

The only real virus here is the Windows 10 operating system

[Image: Screen-Shot-2019-09-11-at-08-02-38.jpg]
The update seems to have worked for me too. CPU utilization is normal with Cortana at 0%.

One used to be able to reinstate the old update system where it was possible to select how updates were delivered via group policy editor. I think that loop hole has been closed. You might try changing network settings to a metered connection. Still seems to slow or stop updates.
I am running a touch screen on an HP-T510 running Windows 7 Embedded.  What is nice about it is that it is only updated when I want it to be, and if something crashes it, you can reboot and go back to the same OS.  A bit of a pain to set up, but once it is up and running I don't have to worry about it like the master server.

I know these dinosaurs I have will eventually not be supported, but curious if anyone has looked at Windows 10 IOT Core as a possible replacement? From what I have read, the OS if free, but unsure of how often it updates, or if you can flash them like I did the Windows 7 Embedded.  Right now I have my master server running W10 Pro and it is only used for CQC.  I would love to get to a place where I could run something like Windows 10 IOT that won't get updated, and it is consistent from day to day.
Yeah, lost my remote desktop software in there someplace. Had it on my taskbar, and 

Never delved into Linux but intriguing if CQC went that route and then would have a stable environment.
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