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Full Version: Please add Somfy ZRTSI to zwave models
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My uneducated guess that the reason Somfy's Z-Wave thingy is 16 channels is that they have a 16 channel remote that is used much of the time.  People want to be able to control individual shades.

I've installed a lot of Somfy shades for my clients and I can tell you from experience, it's very stable and reliable.  I have no experience with Somfy's Z-Wave controller itself.  I've used all 16 channels several times using Somfy's remote.  It's a sweetheart.
As I look through the posts, I'm wondering if the reason it's wanting to look at it as a "dimmer" is so that the shade can be commanded to lower to a specific position as a percentage just as a Z wave light can be set at a percentage.  Since Alexa can respond to lights being set at a percentage, perhaps there's an intended path to Alexa setting shades to a percentage level.

I'm not posting these thoughts from any level of knowledge, just speculating.
I've added support for these guys. Well, I added support for the first two slots to see if someone could let me know if they worked. If so, I can add support for the other fourteen
The Somfy ZRTSI works great. Much better then the somfy dry contact interface I had connected to my ELK(I close/open all blinds when arming home alarm.). Since it is zwave both cqc and elk can natively control the blinds.  

If I recall the next drop has a small change to remove the dimmer field(that's not really needed). 
I looked at it and it's done with the underlying handler for dimmers, because it has the same needs and I didn't want to have to create something just for this. I will either need to make that handler more flexible so it doesn't necessarily create lighting oriented field names, or create another one for blinds controllers or something. In the meantime it'll have to say like it is.
Not a big issue. Works just great how it is.
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