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Full Version: What is the trigger?
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Is there any way to determine the string that was used to trigger an action on a serial port receiver when it was created?  I made some actions a long time ago, and the client interface shows you the action that will occur, but I can't figure out where to see the trigger string - if there even is a way.

It won't be that hard to redo them via the "do you want to update" dialog if necessary, and document the strings thjis time, but maybe you can save me some work and teach me something new.

When you say trigger an action, you mean write to a field for that device?
What I mean is, you train it by sending it a string a few times in a row.  This is the serial port version of the IR interface I'm talking about.

Is there anywhere I can look up what string I sent to train it?

Hmmm.... Not really. It's in there but it's not exposed, because it could be long and semi-meaningless for some types of trigger drivers. If the values are paramaterized you will get the parameters as action parameters passed to the global action. But the base part of the string isn't passed to you or exposed anywhere really, at least not that I can remember though I may be forgetting something.
OK, that's fine.  I will recreate the trigger strings for my events, and document them this time.